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The Kawasaki 636: hurting feelings on the race track since inception.



Another Washington client of ours, Warren has had us build him several bikes over our nearly 20 year relationship. In the first of 2020 he came to us with an idea "Yo EDR I wanna build the baddest 600 class bike. What do you think about a ZX636 superbike?" Well of course we jumped at the chance, as we know Warren is someone that doesn't cut corners and loves to push the limits! We picked up a new 2019 ZX636 for him and with 0.1 miles, then immediately tore her down to the frame to build this beast!


We upgraded the suspension with K-Tech Suspension UK's top of the line DDS systems, asked our friends at SC Project Italy to provide us one of their rare unicorn World SS handmade titanium exhaust systems (check out the pipe size!) and then called the boys in Florida, Core Moto, to make us a set of lightweight forged wheels and of course we always use Superlite drivetrain and Braketech rotors!


The engine was sent upstairs to our guru owner to build a monster... and boy did he. The engine got a full superbike build, LTM superbike lightened balanced crankshaft, custom spec Carrillo H-beam forged rods, custom EDR spec CP pistons, Eric's own grind camshafts by Web Camshafts, ceramic bearings by WWB, he completely microfinished the transmission along with several other internal parts, and finished it off with a fully ported superbike cylinder head. The entire engine was assembled with our in house designed HD ARP cylinder head stud kits to ensure all that power stays where we want it!


Upon dyno tuning we of course had to add our latest EDR Velocity stack kit (These stacks produce over 6 rwhp on the standard ZX6R!) The end result was stunning a bike that weighed in under 350lbs wet and made over 145 rwhp! The first race she entered in, Warren called upon Team EDR Pro rider Andy DiBrino and at a WMRRA race at The Ridge Motorsports park, not only did Andy win by OVER 8 seconds but he shattered the club 600 class record! The bike is back now for even more upgrades for the 2021 season... Stay tuned! 






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