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Much like the brother from another SP2 we built, this SP1 (The SP2 has lightweight wheels, completely different cylinder head and more) came to us just plain jane.. all stock with a slip on and some bland bodywork. This bike however the client told us "just get her to the same level you did on the SP2 but surprise me with the paint/graphics and make it an 'EDR bike' for those to see"


OK... no problem! So again we tackled the elephant in the CBR room.. the stacks! The OEM velocity stacks, as on the standard CBR1000RR and the SP2 come VERY choked especially so in the USA... this is for EPA, noise, emissions.. all things that don't matter on a race track (or street bike but of course we cannot recommend that ;) ) 


We took the baseline of 148 rwhp and went from there. The team added our in house designed, developed and manufactured EDR Velocity stacks, added a proven MWR Race air filter and again used the proven Akrapovic EVO titanium exhaust. This time Eric using the OEM ECU tuned via Woolich Racing system we got her to a solid 183 rwhp almost FORTY peak hp but most impressive was the OVER 60 yes SIXTY rear wheel hp gain at 13,000 rpm! The stock bike hit 148 but at 11,000 fell on its face due to the stock ECU, stacks, exhaust... so in the end she pulls like a freight train and doesn't fall off until after 13,500 now!


Bo spent again a lot of time with our man Matteo in Italy to come up with graphics to really improve the look but also show those on track who built the bike, EDR! Once our painter Kevin laid the base paint it too went over to our partners at WrapCoPDX for the install. We could not be happier again how it turned out!  Finally the crew finished up with a lot of details like its SP2 brother; Braketech Axis rotors, Brembo brakes, Superlite gearing, Samco hoses, Extreme Components rearset, IMA Italy triple clamps and much more. 


Check out the videos of this bike. Again this gen of bike got dogged in reviews for being "slow" and "outdated power" HOWEVER if you simply add our EDR Velocity stacks, a GOOD full exhaust and our ECU flash you can wake this bike up to be competitive with all the other bikes in its class! Plus you have the lightest of them all in terms of 1000 cc bikes and the Honda's are an awesome chassis! 






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