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A very special and personal Build for a one of a kind guy.  


Colonel Moore commissioned EDR to build a one of a kind 792.


Our client out of Washington loved his 2006 Suzuki GSXR750... However after many years of track day use she was pretty tired. He sent the bike to us with some ideas to really freshen her up. We once again did a complete bike teardown all the way to the frame.
Starting with refinishing the very marked up frame, refreshing the suspension, upgrading the brake system with new Beringer billet race calipers, Braketech AXIS rotors, Core Moto SS lines and Brembo master cylinder. The electronics were completely updated to 2020 spec bikes with full fuel and ignition tuning along with launch control, adjustable engine braking, active tuning and traction control via RapidBike's system. Eric completely rebuilt the engine with one of his infamous "792cc" packages. This package takes a 125 rwhp GSXR750 to a full blown monster. This one made a staggering 163 rwhp on 100 oct fuel! The engine is completely custom and something Eric has done for over 50 lucky owners. Everything from the custom machined superbike crankshaft, custom rods, custom nearly 15:1 compression EDR spec JE pistons (our 5th version now), EDR 792 specific camshafts by Web Camshafts, billet slipper clutch and a LOT of cylinder head work! Much more goes into these than simply "adding parts"  The engine is bolted together again using EDR in house developed ARP cylinder head stud kit.
Such a beast produces a ton of heat so we again had our partners in Italy, Galletto Radiatori custom fabricated an oversized radiator system and the spent gases exit via a special Yoshimura Japan exhaust system. The bodywork was all custom for this generation with the EDR crew fabricating a much better looking 2019 GSXR750 superbike look and finally our man Kevin at MillerWorks did the amazing matte paint scheme for us. The end result was a 163rwhp 361lbs wet animal that is so easy to ride, yet will embarrass the 1000cc bikes it comes upon at the track! This is one of the most popular types of builds and the specs show you why! 





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