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Nicky Hayden. Racer, Icon, Honored 


We all know how impactful Nicky Hayden was to racing. So much so, his number was recently retired from racing, solidifying his place in history, heck even our owner Eric named his first child after the man! 


When we were asked by our client how capable we were of creating a tribute rendition CBR1000RR SP2, the only acceptable answer was "Of course we can and would be honored to do so!" 


So a few months later this 2017 Honda CBR1000RR SP2 came to us as a mostly stock bike. It only had some plain white bodywork, a slip on muffler and that was it! The bike was so slow the owner stated besides the look it had to have the speed to match! Eric and the crew knew right away what to do. Upon baseline dyno run it showed what the owner felt.. SLOW! Only 155 rwhp.. yes that's it!  The entire crew spent many weeks designing, planning, and putting puzzle pieces together to create a work of art that Nicky would be proud to see, and our client would be proud to ride. 


Right out the gate we knew the owner wanted to keep the engine stock, we had to do all we could with properly selected parts, design and fabricate our own parts and Eric to spend a LOT of time on their complex ECU. We ended up using the HRC race wiring harness + HRC kit ECU to tune. Eric spent HOURS on the dyno developing its mapping and along with our tech Donte, they designed some velocity stacks that truly woke the bike up! The guys tossed the inferior slip on and opted for the proven full titanium Akrapovic EVO system. After months of time we finally got the bike to run like a beast! She threw down ALMOST 190 RWHP ON PUMP 92 gas!!!  189rwhp! Finally we felt the CBR was worthy of the Nicky Replica...


Our man Bo spent countless hours with the owner, our painter, and our vinyl guys to get a fully custom RedBull Nicky replica graphics made for us out of Italy. Once our painter laid down the all new paint job it was off to our man Fred at WrapCoPDX for him and his crew to apply the massive vinyl graphics... They were blown away at the level needed to do this on a race bike... cars are easy! They are flat, however once done we were all blown away at how she turned out! 


The crew finished up with a lot of details, Braketech Axis rotors, Brembo brakes, Superlite gearing, Samco hoses, Extreme Components rearsets, IMA Italy triple clamps and much more. 


At the end of the day, we created one of the most impressive Hondas the world has ever seen, and our client is one extremely happy man. Upon his first ride the owner told us "WOW... this is not the same bike... you guys are amazing! The only issue is everyone hanging around my pits to stare at her haha, Thank you! '' We honestly don't think this bike could have come out any better. It is so perfect and our client enjoys absolutely destroying other liter bikes at Road America on it


Let us build YOUR dream bike! 


It's not just a motorcycle, it's a work of art. A work of art, tribute to one of the greatest people to ever race motorcycles. 




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